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US City Census A category for discussing topics related to the U.S. City Census.
Topical Open Data Index
Australia Index The Australia Index category is for conversations about <a href="">Australia's Regional Open Data Census</a> and <a href="">Australia's Local Open Data Census</a>.
Global Open Data Index 2015 This category is for all of the discussions around the <a href="">Global Open Data Index for 2015</a>.
Local Open Data Index
General Discussion This is a new area to continue discussions about GODI related matters such as findability, data quality, licensing, etc. Everyone is invited to post.
Global Open Data Index 2016 The Global Open Data Index 2016 is almost here! We want to keep everyone posted and create new conversations as you see fit for this year's Index. Have any questions? Comments? Do you have no idea where your government keeps their data? Or maybe the dataset formats are driving you insane? This is the place to talk about it.

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