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Our process of finding and evaluating key datasets (17)

This thread discusses how we searched for datasets during review, and our decision-making process to accept or reject a dataset. It also explains our idea of picking the most representative dataset for evaluation. This…

Tell us your story: How do you use GODI? How can GODI support your work? (2)

Dear all, The Global Open Data Index (GODI) went through profound changes this year. For example, we tried to facilitate the submission process through a better survey interface. Our results should be presented in a be…

Launch of the Global Open Data Index survey (12)
Entry for National Maps / Austria (5)
Entry for companies / nl (2)
Review Fix of the Netherlands Open Data Index (5)
Entry for companies / za (1)
Entry for postcodes / fr (2)
Entry for law / fr (2)
United Kingdom / What does 0% open really mean? (14)
Open Data Charter’s public consultation: Measurement Guide (1)
National Laws / Belgium - B7 discrepancy (6)
Entry for Draft Legislation /Taiwan (8)
Entry for Locations / Russia (2)
Entry for Locations / Brazil (7)
Open Data Quality - The Next Shift In Open Data? (15)
Criteria for "National Laws" dataset: machine readable content? (3)
Entry for Draft Legislation / HONG KONG (1)
Entry for emissions / gb (1)
Canada data is not comlpete (7)
Entry for draftlegislation / fr (7)
Entry for Government Spending / Brazil (4)
Entry for Water Quality / Brazil (5)
Assessement for Canada (2)
Entry for Land Ownership / Colombia (1)
Entry for procurement / it (1)
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Entry for Locations / places without zipcodes (2)
New Zealand - Land / Property Rights (1)