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BibJSON Anything related to <a href="">BibJSON</a> and <a href="">BibServer</a>. The <strong><a href=""></a></strong> category is for discussions about improving and maintaining the project which provides a comprehensive list of open data portals from around the world. Get the Data Open Product Data Core Datasets <strong>The Core Datasets project</strong> is about collecting and maintaining (curating) important and commonly-used (“core”) datasets (e.g. GDP, ISO-codes) in high-quality, standardized and easy-to-use form - in particular, as up-to-date, well-structured <a href="">Data Packages</a>. DataHub This category is for support requests related to <a href=""></a>, the free, powerful data management platform from Open Knowledge. If you're having an issue with DataHub, you can open a new ticket by clicking <a href=";body=I%27m%20having%20an%20issue%20with...&amp;category=datahub">here</a>. TimeMapper A forum to get (and offer) help on Open Knowledge Labs' <a href="">TimeMapper service</a>.
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