Major Projects

Issue with clause 3.1 of Database Contents License (DbCL) v 1.0 [Open Definition] (3)
New research: Understanding the drivers of license proliferation [Open Definition] (9)
Open Sourcing the Data Journalism Handbook with Grafoscopio [Open Data Handbook] (1)
Adding Already Posted Datasets to an Organization [CKAN] (1)
Datastore search API [CKAN] (3)
Non-open "open data" on [Open Definition] (5)
Open Data Handbook in Nepali [Open Data Handbook] (5)
CKAN Ext ckanext-ytp-comments [CKAN] (1)
Is there a machine-readable list of open licences and urls? [Open Definition] (12)
European Union Public Licence [Open Definition] (2)
A Study on Information Seeking Behaviour [CKAN] (1)
Announcement: "Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0" approved [Open Definition] (3)
Learning more from CKAN users and contributors [CKAN] (1)
Open Banking Licence [Open Definition] (6)
Singapore Open Data License [Open Definition] (7)
Announcement: "Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0" approval [Open Definition] (3)
OpenTrialsFDA presents prototype as finalist for the Open Science Prize: support us with your vote! [Open Trials] (2)
What DCAT-AP extension to use for CKAN vs native support (per website) [CKAN] (8)
Where to ask questions: forum or email list? [Open Definition] (5)
Why drop annotations? [Open Definition] (2)
Project to monitor the status of open data portals ( 2 ) [CKAN] (21)
Documentation for large scale queries [Open Trials] (4)
Linking trials through phases [Open Trials] (4)
Integrating Payment to CKAN platform [CKAN] (1)
Problem using API (total_count is required property) [Open Trials] (1)
OpenTrials launch - 10th Oct, World Health Summit, Berlin [Open Trials] (2)
What happens if someone violates CKAN license? [CKAN] (2)
Querying for trials that have data added [Open Trials] (1)
ToS for South Africa open data portal - Open Definition compliant? [Open Definition] (3)
How to add metadata to data sets on the portal? [CKAN] (3)