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Open Economics The Open Economics category is used by everyone involved in the work group and those who wish to get involved. In here, we shall discuss everything in regard to the work group, namely new projects, our current projects and future developments like conferences and seminars. Open Legislation Open Transport The Open Transport Working Group is a community of people from all around the world discussing Open Transport initiatives. Open Bibliography Producers of bibliographic data such as libraries, publishers, universities, scholars or social reference management communities have an important role in supporting the advance of humanity’s knowledge. Let's talk about that! Open Linguistics A discussion forum for those interested in open data in linguistics. Open Access Most of the 2.5 million articles published each year in the world’s 24,000 peer-reviewed journals are closed to many of their potential users, because they cannot afford access. The solution to this problem is open access. Lets talk about that! Open design A discussion list for those who want to get involved in the open design and hardware space. Open Law As suggested in this post, this is a category to gather discussions around the topic of open access within the field of law. Open Archaeology This category replaces the existing mailing list for all communication regarding archaeology under the Open Knowledge umbrella. This forum is a more welcoming venue than email-based discussion and allows for greater integration with other initiatives in the wider Open Science movement. Open Design + Hardware This is the discussion forum for those who want to get involved in the open design and hardware working group at We welcome your conversation, ideas, events and opportunities for collaboration. Open Government Data The Open Government Data category is a place to share news, events and projects that are related to opening government data across the globe. Open Education The Open Education Working Group is a community of practice that aims at support the development of open educational practices including OER, Open Data, Open Repositories and Open Science. The Open Education Working Group has been established to bring together people and groups interested in open education. Its goal is to initiate global cross-sector and cross-domain activity that encompasses the various facets of open education. Open Science The Open Science category is a place for our global network of researchers, librarians, students, policy-makers, publishers, data-curators, coders, entrepreneurs, activists and citizens to discuss open science. Open Health This is the home of the new Open Health working group formed at Mozilla Festival 2014 [1]. It's a space for discussion about all aspects of open in health, be that open data, hardware, software, participatory practices, access to knowledge and more. Open GLAM The OpenGLAM initiative is currently working on a modern set of principles and values on Open Access for Cultural Heritage. We expect to draft a Declaration that outlines the rationales behind open access policy adoptions, acknowledges different cultural backgrounds, and addresses ethical and privacy considerations to help promote the adoption of open policies by a broader set of organizations around the world. Free & Open Works!
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