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Educación Abierta (Open Education in the Spanish-speaking world) [Open Education] (9)
Open health data round-up [Open Health] (1)
Fire data sources? [Open Government Data] (4) [Open Government Data] (6)
Historic British / U.K. legislation [Open Legislation] (1)
Latest Labs Hangout feat. Open Science project Active Data Biology [Open Science] (1)
Open Education workshop at #33c3 [Open Education] (1)
Apply now for Gathering for Open Science Hardware 2017 - 22-25 March, Santiago, Chile [Open Science] (1)
QA with Open Access Activist of Nepal [Open Access] (1)
What next for open transport data? [Open Transport] (5)
Open Archaeology Working Group Call #2 [Open Archaeology] (4)
How not to collect data: organizing data for long-term use and re-use [Open Science] (1)
Open Science Calendar [Open Science] (19)
Open Education Working Group Blog [Open Education] (6)
Pilot: Frictionless Data in Archaeology [Open Archaeology] (8)
Open Science Prize Forum [Open Science] (3)
DataPackage for GTFS data [Open Transport] (2)
Open Government conferences [Open Government Data] (5)
Open Education Working Group [Working Groups] (1)
Register for the Technology for Accountability Lab! [Open Government Data] (1)
Educação Aberta [Open Education] (7)
Civic Hacking: survey about community engagement [Open Government Data] (1)
Open Economics website improvements [Open Economics] (3)
Open Scholarly Publishing [Open Science] (7)
Éducation libre et ouverte (Open Education for Francophones) [Open Education] (2)
Open Science Blog Queue [Open Science] (11)
Repsonses to 'Open innovation, open science, open to the world: A vision for Europe' [Open Science] (1)
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) [Open Access] (1)
Open Data as Open Educational Resources [Open Education] (2)
Invitation to interview for economics education project [Open Economics] (1)