Entry for Company Register / France


This is a discussion about the submission for Company Register / France.

Dear Open Data Index team, is there any possibility to retake control of this submission as we need to change some of the responses.

Thanks a lot

Pierre on behalf of the Open Knowledge France team

cc @samgta @RouxRC @CecileLG

cc @samgta @CecileLG @


Hi @pzwsk we can reject the current entry, which would mean you have to entry the data again, or tell us here what is wrong so we can take into account when reviewing.


Ok please reject the current entry. Many thanks

Note for next year : it would be great to enable a save (not final)
contribution mode + forum before final contribution.
This would enable for easier and better collaboration.

For instance, currently, we - at Open Knowledge France - have to use a pad,
input all entries and then copy / paste into the website once we agree.

Other request already done on this forum: please enable non Google and FB
accounts to log in. This really is an issue in terms of contributing as a


Thanks for the comment @pzwsk. A feature like saving submissions might a good way to avoid errors for the next version of the Index. We will also find a better way to validate users, that’s for sure.


Another nice and easy to implement option would be to simply let one author be able to delete its own submissions.


that’s for sure @RouxRC.