License approval request: "Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0"


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Subject to the views of others, I would be content to approve. The ability to use CC BY 4.0 as an alternative is a good way of demonstrating compatibility!


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I’ll try to take a look at this tomorrow.


+1 for approval of the license


Did you reach out to the missing ones via email? If not, I can do that.


I haven’t reached out to the missing ones.


They only thing that seemed a bit off to me at first is the “Disclaimer” section, specifically 6.3. Strictly in terms of conformance it’s not problematic as it does not impose any additional agreement nor does it impose any restrictions. I read it as simply a warning of the potentially serious consequences of intentional or negligent misconduct. After having thought about it some more, I think it’s reasonable even constructive to proactively inform users of potential liabilities and doesn’t violate the definition.

To address the concern @trc raises about sub-licensor’s potentially imposing additional legal terms downstream: The definition does not require licenses to prohibit sub-licensors from imposing additional legal terms, though it does all allow them to do so (OD 2.2.3 - Share Alike and OD 2.2.7 - Non-agression). The fact that this license doesn’t impose any such restrictions on sub-licensors is not a problem for it’s conformance as far as I can see.

I also agree with @mlinksva about 5. Unusual, but not a problem for conformance.


I have reached out to the missing Council members.


So far I see no issues being raised. I will give it a few more days and then if we still don’t have any issues raised on this list I will consider the silence a consensus for Approval and will summarize that here and to other relevant venues. This will complete steps 1 and 2 in the Open Definition License Approval Process.


Hi, I’ve reviewed and I’m :thumbsup: I also discussed this briefly in person with @audreyt when in Taiwan :smile:


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PS: :clap: to @herb_lainchbury for reaching out and to @trc and @mlinksva for the analysis


Apologies for the slow response here.

After reading the comments I’m +1 on approving the licence. The CC-BY 4.0 compatibility is definitely good to see.



Announcement: "Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0" approval

Having waited a week since my last update, stating that we would wait for any issues to be raised, I now believe that we have a consensus that the “Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0” approval process can proceed to step 3 of the process.

The license was originally submitted for approval on February 6, 2017 by @audreyt who provided the license in it’s original form along with an English translation and all of the relevant related information that we request submitting parties provide when requesting license approval.

Several readers have generously provided comments in this thread and several others have indicated their approval for the license to go to vote for formal approval. No issues have been raised to date and the feedback has been generally positive.

We are now circulating this summary more broadly to solicit input from others and give the opportunity to raise any issues. If within two weeks from today no issues have been raised which indicate anything other than consensus for approval, I, as acting chair, will call for formal approval by the Open Definition Advisory Council (Step 4 of the process).


Should I tweet about this to get more feedback from people outside of this group or is this not necessary?


I think more feedback is better. As far as I know, we’ve only ever been
criticized for not being vocal enough.

So, yes please, that would be appreciated.

Thanks for asking,


Two weeks have passed since circulating the summary to the broader audience as per Step 3 of the License Approval Process.

No issues have been raised that indicate further discussion is needed.

This completes step 3 and we’re now on the final step of the process, which is the formal vote.

I am therefore requesting that all Advisory Council members vote now to indicate whether they agree that the “Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0” conforms to the Open Definition (v 2.1).

We will continue counting votes for up to two weeks from now or until we have enough +1s that it would be impossible for -1s to overturn.

+1 from me.

Thank you for your participation.


+1 agree that the “Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0” conforms to the Open Definition (v 2.1).


+1 agreed on conformance


+1 from me on Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0 conformance


+1 from me on Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0 conformance


Two weeks for voting have passed.

We received 5 approval votes during the voting period and no votes against, which is sufficient to declare that the Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0 conforms to the Open Definition (v2.1) and is thus considered open.

We also received several additional votes of approval before voting began, which I acknowledge and recognize as further approval.

We can now update the website and add this license to the approved list of licenses.

Many thanks to those who participated and to @audreyt for her work on this and for submitting the license.

@audreyt, we typically prepare an official note for the license publisher letting them know that the license is approved. I would be happy to do that for you if you would find that helpful. If so, please let me know so I can get some contact information from you.

Thank you,
Herb Lainchbury
Acting Chair, Open Definition Advisory Council


Sure, thanks to all contributors of this process! :gift_heart:

A note would be helpful; it’s fine to simply email me an electronic document.

If you would like to send a physical copy, my contact address is:

Audrey Tang, Digital Minister
Public Digital Innovation Space
#1, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road
Taipei City 10051