Medical charity saving lives of millions worldwide


Get to Sleep Easy is a social enterprise, 100% of whose profits go to charities, research and other good causes rather than our own back pocket.
The idea behind that is that we create a continual income source that keeps on doing good. Most charities require peoples’ generousity or they have to campaign, advertise; essentially beg for money to keep operating. They need to, to keep fulfililng necessary needs. Us? We are disrupting an enormous market. $5.1billion in hospital bed sales were made in 2016. This number will grow to $6.5billion by 2021, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 5% are 10million.

Our founder, an ex-cancer patient, medical student and reseracher, and successful entrepreneur believes that we can have the best of the both worlds, not just through social enterprise models, but also through giving as companies, countries, and individuals. It’s something everyone can profit from.

But right now, we need your help. Because to get a company started off, to get it to grow, particularly with products like ours, which require, rightfully so, large amounts of testing to achieve regulatory approval, we need your help. Because if we do raise enough to make this a reality, the high margins on the bed alone, with ambitious, innovative revenue streams to boot, we’ll make it back and more for charity, and save potentially millions in the process.

Think of a donation to us as a highly impactful charitable investment! Indeed, for a short time, we’re offering the chance to quadruple any donations you make to a charity of your choice. Do peruse our prospectus, available at our donation page, for further information.