New Member Introductions


I’ll keep you guys posted. I’ll probably prioritize have my niche solution up and running first, but I’ll definitely benefit from having a general purpose, crowd-sourced database working reliably, so I may tackle that next.


Hi all, my name is Fabienne, an open Data advocate in Madagascar. Running a non profit organization in Open data … nice to be with all of you here.


Hi! I’m Ed, a freelance writer at career development center and an addicted backpack traveler. Currently learning to code (interested in frontend development).


Hi All!
I’m Jonathan, a GIS Contractor. I’m a long-time fan of Open data, in particular spatial open data.
I’m currently looking to solve the “finding data is a pain” problem, so I created - it’s a search engine for spatial data - WMS, WFS, WCS, WMTS.


Hi, Jonathan! Welcome!

Cool idea for having a place to search for WMS, WFS, etc. Unfortunately, your search engine does not seem to be working right now. Queries give an error. Example:

Sorry, something went wrong while rendering this page. We’ve logged the error and will take a look. Please try again later.


Hi Hermann,
It’s a new service and so there are a few niggling issues.
In this case uptake has been higher than expected, which is good! It was down for about 80 minutes (Wooo - first downtime! :grinning:), but unfortunately that’s when you took a look. All up and working again now with more capacity to cope.
Feel free to give it another go! :crossed_fingers:
Thanks again,


Hello everyone! I am Gerry. I live in The Hague where I work at DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services). DANS is the Netherlands Institute for permanent access to digital research resources.

I study an MSc in Innovation Sciences and have a previous MSc in Communications, Advertising & PR. I am very interested in the potential that open knowledge can have for reducing inequality, speeding up responses to grand societal challenges and just democratising knowledge in general.

I am working on some research projects related to Knowledge Organisation Systems #KOS & the Knowledge Graph. Would love to hear if there are any other #KO people in the community here.



Hi Ton, What is a fablab?


Hi Tjeerd,

If you are involved in any local Open Knowledge projects please let me know. I live and work in The Hague.



Maybe you are already familiar with which can automate the process of producing a SKOS representation for the Knowledge Organisation Systems you need to digitize.

Would like to hear more about your project :smile:


Hello, my name is Lucas,

My background is naval engineering, but I am a python programmer for passion and vocation. I live in Rio de Janeiro (BR), I have worked in some startups, and now I am working in a geoverno bidding consultancy (most of my job is scrap and mine date of public portals). I’m here to meet people, projects and events related to innovation with open data. I hope to contribute to this community! Thanks.


Hello, my name is Mikhail and Im working with data extraction and processing problematic at Diggernaut (cloud based data extraction platform). Wishing to contribute my knowledge to the community.


Hoi, Gerry! Ik hou echt Knowledge Organization Systems. :slight_smile:

I had never heard before of Skosmos. It sounds interesting, but unfortunately the link you provided no longer works.


Bem vindo, @Lucas-Armand!

From the interests and experiences you have described, I think you might like the Meu Querido Diário project from Open Knowledge Brasil. It aims to scrap Brazilian local official gazettes, so as to make official acts machine readable.


Hello Community,

I am Georgie, I work for a not-for-profit called mySociety, based in the UK, but working internationally :slight_smile:

At the moment, my focus is on meeting people who would like to collaborate in building a Democratic Commons; individuals and organisations working together to make information on every elected politician in the world freely available to all, supported by the Wikimedia project Wikidata.

mySociety suspects a lack of open current data of elected politicians slows down a lot of radical work… but we don’t know this, so if anyone has any thoughts, I am carrying out user research and would love to speak to people.

I am also interested in how much the Code for All/ Open Knowledge and Wikimedia worlds interact and if so, where people meet (online or offline)…

You can reach me here, or by email at although my preference would be to communicate in the open :slight_smile:


Hi, @GeorgieBurr, and welcome!

Democratic Commons seems to be a very interesting project indeed. What is the releation between it and EveryPolitician, which is also from MySociety?

You might want to also check out the Popolo project, which has a vocabulary useful for structuring parliament data.


Hi @herrmann :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments!
EveryPolitician currently runs about 11,000 scrapers and is not very sustainable, also it is only national level data. The proposal of the Commons is a deeper dataset (down to the local level) and using Wikidata… our aim is that we can eventually power EP from Wikidata (indeed some countries have already been swapped) and we will continue to use popolo to structure the data.

Are you a Wikidata user?


I’ve heard of Wikidata, but never really used it.

So the Commons dataset is to be maintained in Wikidata, manually? That sounds to me as even more error prone and in risk of becoming outdated than using scrappers for EP. Is it not?


open civic data is a group working on something very similar; they have a github and slack; i think popolo may actually have been born from it, though i’m not 100% on that.


Hello all,

My name is Ingrid Hjertaker and I am a policy advisor for Tax Justice Network - Norway. We are a CSO working, among other things, for more transparency in company ownership and for open country-by-country reporting for multinational corporations.

I’m here to connect with and learn from the international open knowledge community!