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open civic data is a group working on something very similar; they have a github and slack; i think popolo may actually have been born from it, though i’m not 100% on that.


Hello all,

My name is Ingrid Hjertaker and I am a policy advisor for Tax Justice Network - Norway. We are a CSO working, among other things, for more transparency in company ownership and for open country-by-country reporting for multinational corporations.

I’m here to connect with and learn from the international open knowledge community!


Sorry for very slow response to your comment :slight_smile:

We are pretty excited by Wikidata (if it is embraced) as a collaboratively maintained dataset, it might remove the need for everyone to be separately updating their datasets (so less work), and it overcomes the issues of licensing which is an issue with the scrapers.
The data could be maintained via prompts and there are increasingly advanced tools to spot changes/ vandalism on Wikidata (Wikipedia is a great example of how the community manages vandalism and keeping data up to date). The main issue is the high entry barrier to use and extract data from Wikidata, we are working to create tools /platforms to make this easier.
Our current thinking is to try out developing a structure in the UK working with multiple organisations, friends and the Wikidata community to see if we can make it work.

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I’m going to out this to my more techy colleagues :slight_smile: I think we should get in touch, if we are not already!
Thanks for the link!



Thanks for your response, anyway. :slight_smile: Maybe we should take this conversation to another area in the forum, instead of the new member welcome area. Here, I’ve created a topic just for this.


Greetings All~
I’m Justin Townsend. By day I work as a Systems Admin/Project Manager for a Hydraulics repair/machine shop. In my spare spare time I continue research I started in college in 2006 involving: moving away from internal combustion as a source of transport, species development socially and personally with a weather eye to ethos and principles, the renewing of craft/trade skills in society so that we can shape a merit-based society that has a more reasonable chance of propelling our species towards interstellar exploration, among several other hobbies and past times. I genuinely believe we are at a point in time when we can, and should, make serious choices that will benefit our species overall - not any political, religious, or monetary agenda; as, in fact, those things tend to diminish us as people frankly. I want a world all of our great great grandchildren love, cherish, and call home but I want it to be a place to start out from and reach out into Laniakea more. There is so much we do not know about our own planet yet, but so very much more out there that calls to us.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts for all of this and learning others’ points of view, thank you very much for being here and letting me speak as well!




My name Stephany Dionysio and I am a brazilian lead technology architect in a philantropic company. Also I am getting a PhD in computer science applied to smart cities.
I am very interested in all aspects of technology and society and I am glad that I found open knowledge forum :slight_smile:
For those who wants to connect, here is my linkedin


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Today’s my first day at my shiny new full-time developer role at Open Knowledge Belgium.
Looking forward to meeting and getting to know more of you in the near future :).

Want to have a chat :eyes:?

Happy hacking :wave:


Hi! I’m Anna Bonney and I work as a piano teacher and College of Southern Maryland student. I am not quite decided on a major yet, but I’m heading towards becoming a tutor. I’m here to find out about new ideas and learn to think like and understand other people.


Hi my name is sam,
I feels very glad after reading this.


Hello Banana2044,
My name is samjoseph and I am also a music teacher. I want to give you this advice that understand yourself and you will automatically start to understand other.

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Thank you for the advice. :slight_smile: I do think that there is a lot about myself I don’t understand or even know yet, so I’m hoping this year I find out.


Hello all! I am the new Product Manager for Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research at OKI (see more here: I’ll be working with the research community to run pilots using frictionless data tools & specs to make science data more open & shareable. Looking forward to chatting with this community! :wave:



I am new member of this community. I am here to share whatever knowledge i got and learn from all the senior members. i am looking for Indian railway database, it will be really helpful, if anyone help me to get the data of train schedule and railway stations for my sites Get PNR Status and Online PNR Status


Hi everyone! I’m Emily, a part of the Democracy team at mySociety, working on open political data for democracies around the world. (mySociety have built EveryPolitician, with the goal of complete and comprehensive coverage of the current members of at least every national legislature in a consistent format, as well as to include sub-national, regional and local political data.)

My team works with local organisations to build tools and communities around creating and maintaining Popolo-standard political – e.g. political position holder & legislative – data on Wikidata. We are members of Code for All, and I work with Georgie, who joined the forum earlier this year!

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Hello my name is Glenn aka humanity. I have a plan and when I get throug this massive amount of knowledge I will post in the correct place. Sorry it took me so long to find technology.


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. may god bless all of us. I am Natasha intership student from Malaysia. Here is my company website is like other e-commerce website such as LAZADA,Shopee and etc. I hope we can share knowledge each other.


Hii, this is Rakesh kumar from India m working in tour and travel agency jingo holidays Pvt Limited Thanks to admin & nice to meet u all.


Hello all. I’m Matt, a geoscientist with a small scientific computing company based in Nova Scotia, Canada. I co-founded a geoscience community of practice, centred on an open Slack team, and I maintain some open source software projects. I’m interested in open content of all kinds, especially for reproducible science. Cheers!


Hi Matt! Welcome to the forum community! Have you looked into our Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research project at all? I’m the product owner and would be happy to discuss more if you are interested.