Updates for the Open Knowledge infrastructure until 25 May


Until May 25th, we might experience intermittent downtime across infrastructure managed by Open Knowledge International, as we are undertaking various infrastructure changes in this time period.

These changes are related to a major change in infrastructure provider as well as the upcoming GDPR legislation that kicks off in Europe on 25 May.

While we are hoping to make these changes without noticeable downtime, unfortunately there was around 8 hours of downtime on 16 May for a subset of our wordpress blogfarm, which includes all domains we host for network chapters and groups. This was related to a change in DNS provider, and a configuration mistake as we changed providers. We apologise for the inconvenience in downtime and do our best to minimise downtime overall.

If you do experience issues on OKFN infrastructure, please either reply to this post which we’ll monitor, or reach out on Twitter to @okfn. You can also email us at network@okfn.org. Please note we operate from Europe so our response time will be longer outside of business hours in Europe.