Category Topics

Open Data Index

The Open Data Index category is for conversations about operating, improving and contributing to the Global Open Data Index and the growing number of Local and Regional Open Data Indexes.

Local Groups

We will use this category to contain places for discussion (subcategories) for each of our chapters and local groups. If you are a local group coordinator and would like to get yours started please get in touch.

Open Knowledge Labs

Open Knowledge Labs is a community of civic hackers, data wranglers and ordinary citizens intrigued and excited by the possibilities of combining technology and information for good – making government more accountable, culture more accessible, and science more efficient.

Policy and Research

This category is for discussions about policy and research around open knowledge. This includes public policies that support open knowledge as well as research around the social impact of open knowledge.


For discussion related to OpenSpending and OpenSpending Community.

Frictionless Data

We’re creating lightweight standards and tooling to make it effortless to get, share, and validate data.

Working Groups

Working Groups are domain-specific groups that focus on discussion and activity around a given area of open knowledge. They provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to gather online (and sometimes in person) to hack, discuss, lobby, promote and explore particular areas of open knowledge and data.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

The Open Exchange for Social Change

Welcome to the IODC Unconference category!

International Open Data Roadmap

This is the the International Open Data Roadmap forum. Here the global open data community can discuss over the six areas of action in the open data movement, suggest new topic and act towards IODC 2018 in Buenos Aires.

Escola de Dados

A Escola de Dados ajuda pessoas e organizações a transformarem dados em histórias, evidências e mudanças sociais. Nesta categoria, podemos tirar dúvidas e promover discussões sobre nossas atividades no Brasil.