Announcement: "Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0" approval

We have a consensus within the Open Definition discussion group that the “Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0” should be put forward for an official vote from the Open Definition Advisory Council.

The license was originally submitted for approval on February 6, 2017 by @audreyt who provided the license in it’s original form along with an English translation and all of the relevant related information that we request submitting parties provide when requesting license approval.

Several readers have generously provided comments in the discussion thread and several others have indicated their approval for the license to go to vote for formal approval. No issues have been raised to date and the feedback has been generally positive.

We are now circulating this summary more broadly to solicit input from others and give the opportunity to raise any issues. If within two weeks from today no issues have been raised which indicate anything other than consensus for approval, I, as acting chair, will call for formal approval by the Open Definition Advisory Council (Step 4 of the process).

If you have comments or concerns please join in on the discussion.

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