Badge drive to build Local Groups

Now that we have Nicer Badge Icons / Images, I noticed that we have 1260 users on this Forum but only 188 (14%) have a Local Group badge.

Is there a way to improve these stats so we can build our local group communities?

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This work probably starts with better documentation :slight_smile:

Can we add a user to a local group based on the country in their profile and hence automatically award a badge?

For starters to find out which users need a badge, I plan to turn on the Data Explorer plugin and write query to find all users in a country that don’t have that country’s badge.

There are many other queries and visualisations (1) (2) that could be written to gain insight into the Open Knowledge community on this forum.

Edit: Administrators can now access the Data Explorer at Open Knowledge Forums which I’ve populated with some queries from

Edit: I’ve built a query, Users needing a local group badge that finds users in a specific country but aren’t in the group related to that country. It’s parameter driven so you can enter any country and group.

I found around 12 users that should have an Open Knowledge Australia badge. If other Moderators or @local_coords would like me to run the query for their country / group combo, let me know.

Then you can award missing badges. :smiley:

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I guess, I had already awarded badges to all the members who are from Nepal one by one. But this sounds cool, I wanna give a try.

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I’ve emailed you a CSV containing the results for OKNP and Nepal.

I now have two queries:

  1. The one above that provides a visual result with user photos and links to profiles
  2. A new query designed to export a CSV file for emailing to those without access to the Data Explorer.