Big Lottery - philanthropic organisations

I noticed that there are transactions data from the BIG Lottery

Given that BIG is a philanthropic organisation strictly speaking it is not public finances in the sense that the money is not raise from tax, but it is from the funds raised by the National Lottery and BIG is a publicly mandated organisation, so perhaps that is the reason for its inclusion on OS.

This raises a question for me, should other philanthropic funders be included on OpenSpending, or is this an exception given for BIG Lottery’s unique circumstance?

Secondly, there is now more up to date and improved BIG Lottery grants open data, covering 2004-2015 Data Registry | 360Giving Can this be uploaded to replace the current dataset?

I’ve uploaded this to using the data packager (which is excellent).

Hi @BobHarper1

Great to hear you got this onto NEXT, and really great that you like the packager (we are doing UX for a very complex process here, so always good to get positive feedback).

As to your question: absolutely, other philanthropic funders can be on openspending - I definitely would not limit OS to governmental bodies, but rather any type of entity that has fiscal data records.