Census Ranking System needs to Change


Hi folks
I’m a newbie here as I’ve just started developing the Local Open Data Census for Canada. As I was reviewing the scoring/ranking, I quickly realized that it was unfair/inappropriate when dealing with data sets that may not apply to a specific level of government. For example, in Canada there can actually be four levels of government with the “local” being both a regional level as well as a number of “lower tier” local municipalities within the region (or county).

The scoring/ranking becomes a problem if, for example, the regional level of government provides police services and public transit services which means that the local municipality would receive zero points for any data sets that they did not have jurisdiction for. This can also apply when we provincial/state level data versus “local” gov data.

To address this, I’m suggesting that data sets that are not applicable can be designated as NA and more importantly that the scoring/ranking algorithm provide a % of openness based only on the data sets that are applicable. Apologies if this has been discussed before and I look forward to your thoughts.

Cheers Jury Konga
Open Knowledge Canada Ambassador


Hi @jkonga,
@rufuspollock has posed a similar question in this forum category.

If there’s clarity in what level of government does what, you could tailor the datasets for each census. That’s what was done in Australia.


Hi Stephen

Figured we’d connect through this. I am planning on doing a separate one for the province/state level as you did in Australia. It still doesn’t solve the issue of several datasets in the local census that have differing jurisdictional authority which impacts whether or not they have the data. This causes the problem of someone being assigned zero score for a dataset that they don’t have any right to create - that’s why I’m suggesting we move to a % score to make it fare for everyone.

Not sure if you’re at the Intl Open Data Conference in Ottawa but if so, ping me and we can meetup.

Cheers Jury


@jkonga I would love to be in Ottawa this week but I am stuck in sunny Queensland and have to settle for the
#IODC15 video stream and following @OpenDataCon on Twitter.

Has anyone else tackled Jury’s issue?