Change "welcome" user from Rufus Pollock to a generic account


At the moment I think i am the person who “welcome” messages come from (plus welcome to the forum topics). This may not be optimal because:

  • Sometimes people respond on those posts asking things or saying stuff - i’m probably not the best person always to respond
  • We probably want this info accessible to some others

So I think we should look to change this at some point.

/cc @Mor


You can change it to my name


Automated messages come from @Mor now.


Hi Dan, ok that’s great. In general, i was thinking of having a generic account for this that several people could monitor if needed :smile:

Happy with current solution but not sure it is optimal as, in general, i think we want people not to respond to the welcome message and it means Mor will now get a massive message listing.

May be worth thinking a bit more about before we have a final solution.


OK, @Mor let me know how this goes