Creating an Open Knowledge Community Directory


OK I did not understand that this new directory would be Discourse-specific. That sounds like ok reasons. Can you please encourage people to add themselves to directory as well on main website since it has a wider reach than this Discourse-forum? OK is even shown as a supporter there anyway. @Starl3n I really hope people do double posting!


Great idea. We are also considering switching our list to Discourse. We should discuss this at our next general assembly @pzwsk.


@samgta and to flag, local groups are very welcome - in fact encouraged - to use this forum instance if they wish.


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Duplicate usernames

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The banner still appears for me on every page and has no UI for dismissal.

I’ve visited this thread a few times over the years and each time can’t figure out what this is supposed to be about or how to contribute.

I see that the banner could be removed at … I’d be glad to do that if nobody else does it first or objects. :slight_smile:


oh, please do that!

This banner is not relevant anymore.



@Mor OK, done. I reset the “global notice”.

If a banner with dismissal is desired for something in the future, I think that can be obtained by pinning a topic (one of the topic admin actions) and choosing to make it a “banner topic”.