CSV Conference 3-4 May 2016 in Berlin: Tickets available


Open Knowledge International is excited to be a major sponsor of CSV Conference, a not-for-profit conference happening 3-4 May in Berlin this year.

Tickets are still available and very affordable, using a Pay-What-You-Can scheme starting at $0. This scheme will be active until April 15th, 2016.

We have selected an amazing group of 30+ speakers to present on the themes of science, journalism and civic technology. The idea of the conference is to bring together data practitioners (tool makers, data researchers, publishers and users) from different fields into a common space to share their stories. Talks will range from highly technical, delving into cutting-edge open source code and data, to less technical, focusing on societal impact ang big picture ideas. Throughout the conference, we’ll also have keynote talks from Jenny Bryan, Sarah Gold, Jeremy Freeman, and Zara Rahman. See our speakers and more info here: http://csvconf.com

As a reminder, the Pay-What-You-Can scheme will be active only until April 15th, 2016, so get your tickets soon!

Hope to see you there!


will there be some Open Knowledge Meetup on these days during re-publica and csv-conf?
I will be at republica, maybe also join csv-conf for some time, so would be nice to meet some lovely ok peeps.


Hi, we’re looking to have something on the Monday before CSVConf, but we’re still in the planning stages. Will send out an announce when we have something to share :wink:


I know you’ve seen this :slight_smile: but I’m linking the meetup topic here