Open Knowledge Labs + csv,conf,v2 are proud to be hosting an Open Data Maker event on Monday 2 May the day before csv,conf,v2 (3-4 May).

Frictionless Data Sprint (+ OpenSpending) - 12 noon to 7pm


  • Lunch and welcome
  • Short intro to Frictionless Data
  • Sprint to work on data tools and spending data

More info on themes below.

Meet and greet - 7pm onwards

Later in the evening, we will have a “meet and greet” for anyone interested in working with or learning more about open data.

All Welcome

The whole day is open to anyone and everyone in Berlin, especially those who will be in town for Re:publica and csv,conf,v2. Teams from Open Knowledge International, CSVConf, and Open Knowledge Germany will be on hand to answer any questions and chat.

About Open Data Maker events

Open Data Maker events are focused on “making” with open data – whether that’s creating apps or new insights. This event will be composed of two streams: Fiscal Transparency and Frictionless Data. Keep an eye on this topic for more information on both. If you come during the day, bring your laptop and expect to get involved :). At any rate, join us for a chat and a drink later in the evening.

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Frictionless Data Stream

What is Frictionless Data?

Frictionless Data (forum topic) is a project where we’re defining lightweight standards and tooling to make it easy to get, publish and use high quality data. The core of this project is the Data Package standard. Over the years, various tools have been developed across different platforms to work with Data Packages. For an example, see this recent post on Python tooling developed as part of this project.

We’ll have around five hours to work, a short time for a proper hackathon. I think it would be great to direct our efforts on some tool hacking, demoing using some existing datasets, and

Potential Tasks for Stream

Please make suggestions! You can edit this topic directly (it’s a wiki).

Something that might be useful (and fit for a short hackathon) might be this:
Excel/Google Spreadsheet to tabular data package
This is different than just packaging a CSV cause both formats hold datatype information (i.e. number / string / date) & might contain multiple sheets (which means multiple resources in the package).

So the idea is to implement a tool which converts each sheet to a standard CSV file & generates a Json Table Schema for each file. finally it packs everything in a data package.

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For the Financial Transparency Cases, we will be working on EU Funds, converting them into packages, visualising!

I have prepared the Cohesion Policy datasets for ten different EU countries, so a lot to get our hands on.
Come join us!

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@Anna_Alberts that’s great - have you got a repo for the cohesion funds in https://github.com/os-data?

If not let’s create one - may not store the data if its big but a great way to have a README and issue tracker etc.

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Yes! This is awesome, I was planning to create one on github indeed, thanks for pointing me to this one so we don’t have double work. I will be arriving tomorrow already at 11:00, and then start uploading the datasets :slight_smile:

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