"Data packages" spec "funding" field

Looking at NITRC: 1000 Functional Connectomes Project: Tool/Resource Info, what would be the appropriate fields in the http://specs.frictionlessdata.io/data-packages spec to describe the funding agencies/grants which supported creation of the dataset?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi! This is a great question! The Data Package specification allows the addition of any arbitrary attributes to best fit your needs. Of course, it may be that a whole set of related attributes are necessary, in which case we can start to define a particular “profile” for your kind of data. What kind of data are you working with?

Not quite sure from your link what it is you’re after, but if it is about describing funding agencies and their grants you may want to look at the excellent work of The 360Giving Data Standard - 360Giving, and then base your datapackage fields on their schema documentation.

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Sorry for a delay with reply. Data – primarily neuroimaging. E.g. see openfmri datasets (DataLad Repository) some of which defined (within their custom dataset descriptor)

$> grep Fund */dataset*json
ds000007/dataset_description.json:    "Funding": "Funding: James S. McDonnell Foundation 21st Century Science Program Grant (to R.P); Foundation for Psychological Research, University of California-Los Angeles Center for Culture, Brain and Development (to G.X.).",
ds000009/dataset_description.json:	"Funding": "This research was supported by a Ruth L. Kirschstein Pre-Doctoral National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (5F31 DA024534) and by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health (5R24 MH072697), the McDonnell Foundation, and the Delia Martin Foundation.",
ds000030/dataset_description.json:    "Funding": ["UL1-DE019580", "RL1MH083268", "RL1MH083269", "RL1DA024853",
ds000031/dataset_description.json:    "Funding": "Texas Emerging Technology Fund", 

and we thought on how to describe it in your spec which we use for some other datasets at datalad… after all we map it into foaf:fundedBy field atm

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@yarikoptic very interesting. So funding can be a free-form string, an array of strings that reference funding codes, or possibly an array of free-form strings? This is something we haven’t yet thought through, but given our current push on packaging research data, it is something very much worth considering.

I’ve created a User Story on our User Stories Trello board: as-a-researcher-publisher-i-want-to-specify-the-funding

Have I got the user story right? Any Trello user can leave a comment or vote.

In structuring this attribute on a datapackage.json, in addition to @BobHarper1’s suggestion, you might consider following the DataCite schema for specifying funding for a given dataset:



We discuss the details of whether or how we including such a funding attribute in the specifications here: GitHub - frictionlessdata/specs: Technical specifications and guidelines for implementing Frictionless Data.

At any rate, I’d like to help wherever I can in getting Data Packages published through http://datalad.org/

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