Datahub future - does it have one?

The current state of Datahub data submittal is a joke and a mess. You have to submit an organization request and those are processed manually - when and if they are (after 7 days unprocessed request is closed) and only after that can you even start thinking about actual data submittal.

Is this going to change, and soon? I have several interesting pieces of open data that I have spent considerable effort in distilling and cleaning from various open sources. I submitted an organization request weeks ago, and now it has been automatically closed. I have no idea what will happen next.

All this is leading me to think submitting the data to datahub is just not worth the effort, and that datahub as a whole can have no future with this kind of barriers to what should be as easy as possible and then one step easier from that.

Hi @Petri, thanks for flagging here that your organisation request has not been addressed.

I appreciate it’s a barrier to have to request and get approved this organisation request via the forum - in particular as this manual process may mean that requests sometimes get missed. Apologies for the oversight and I’m looking to get your org created as soon as possible (which I don’t know how to do myself but I’m asking around and I’m hopeful a colleague will be able to address this in the next 24h).

This manual process for new users has been created because of very heavy spamming that has been targeted towards the Datahub in the past. We are working on an alternative approach that will have less friction. Thanks for your continued interest in the Datahub.

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