DDI as a Common Format for Export and Import for Statistical Packages

Of potential interest for future Frictionless Data specifications work. These researchers attempted to determine the extent to which they could use DDI as an intermediary format across a variety of data analysis tools.

Not uncommonly, datasets are initially produced in one software package speci c format, whether proprietary, as in an SPSS dataset, or open source, as in an R workspace. As the data are reused, either at a later time or by other researchers in another place they will commonly need to be imported into a di erent software package. Even within one organization a variety of software tools may be employed. Researchers may have di ering needs and personal preferences. Di erent packages may have unique analysis tools. Software and preferences for software also evolve over time. Data retrieved from an archive after a period of dormancy may very well need to be represented in some new format.


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