Examples of CKAN-Discourse integration?


Does anyone know of any CKAN sites that have integrated with Discourse?
Please share a link if you do. :smile:

I note there is an CKAN extension for this integration.


It can be seen here:


Thanks but that’s the Disqus integration.

I found a Discourse integration at http://data.beta.nyc/dataset/nyc-taxi-data


Doh! My mistake :smile:
btw - I do hope to start some work on that ‘phone home’ idea. Hope to provide a way to see that a catalog exists and what extensions it is running. Maybe some basic stats on the number of datasets and resources too…

Link has recently hired an actual data scientist who will likely develop epic skills in CKAN over the months ahead.


Is a good example.

Just register for an account. Once logged in scroll to the bottom of the dataset to ‘start discussion’. It will loop you through to the talk.beta.nyc area.