Final review stage for the Global Open Data Index 2015 - come and comment!


@herrmann- there is definitely a change - the 2015 budget is not on the portal!

There is a summary PDF of the 2015 budget, but budget itself was not on the portal in the time of assessment, but somewhere else, with no mention of a license. Even if I could open the index for changes, I would not mark it as openly licensed . This is consistent to other submissions of budget that didn’t mention budget. If the 2015 was on the portal, it would get those points.


good! It’s GODI already ready for launch? Or when will it be?


Just so you know, 2015 is in the open data portal now.

As for during the census, in the budget dataset (for which there is an open license specified) there were already resources pointing to:

All of these were available during the census of the global open data index. So I don’t think it’s fair to say it was not openly licensed at the time of the census just because the department failed to include a resource to the full dump in the dataset (while also publishing a link to the data dump on its own website).

Lesson learned for my next year’s census contributions: always re-submit dataset information if nothing has changed in the data situation compared to the previous year, and explicitly mention so.