Commenting on submissions update



Has any of you seen a dataset assessment that could be better? Do you need to say something specific about a dataset? We included a new feature to start a discussion in this forum with the name of the country and the name of the dataset to discuss.
If you go to the bottom part of a submission, you’ll see the legend to Start a new topic

If you click it, the magic happens and the app will create a new topic that is also prepopulated with the important stuff from the submission!

Go ahead and try it if you find a dataset that could be improved or you have general comments about it!
Also, don’t forget to submit to your country. It won’t take too much time.

We want to thank @stefankasberger for proposing this feature. Our community speaks, we listen.

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Multiple submissions
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Edits for the Submissions

Nice feature!
Will the link to the discussion be available from the index web pages?
As far as I can see, it’s not. Last year, I had a lot of frustration with a similar mechanism. It was possible to comment on submissions via Disqus, and I used this to point out errors in submissions, since it was not possible to make multiple submissions on the same category for a country. But the comments were hard to find, and were overlooked by reviewers. The result was that I had to thoroughly follow up on the comments to avoid wrong results.

A suggestion for next year: send these discussion topics to a separate sub-board in the forums, to separate discussions on submissions from the other discussions about GODI.