Give us your feedback in our survey for the Open Data Day Community

Dear all,

Open Data Day is an event that has evolved into its own living community. Led by different open data activists, it passed from being a day where we would try to share knowledge about data publication and data use with a few city government officials, to a worldwide series of events ranging from using open data for good to generating data when it’s not available.

For Open Data Day 2019, we registered over 300 events in five continents. This shows that Open Data Day is well established and a growing community. For this reason we want to learn more about the people behind these events; we know open data looks different from place to place and the needs to make Open Data Day happen are different as well, this is a brief survey to learn a bit more about this needs and be able to foster and support all of you better.

Please take your time to answer the questions and please let us know if there’s something we are missing in the comments section:

Many thanks!

Best, Lieke Ploeger