Help text and tool tips - 7. Openly licensed?

@cosnate Thanks for you thoughts. You’ve asked many questions here that may be better discussed in a separate topic. @Mor can you invite some of our Open Definition friends into the conversation to help here? I’m sure this must of been considered in previous census.

With respect to determining if you/the government has copyright (i.e. the right to share), this may help - but I’m no expert.

With respect to the census openly licence question, does this work any better?

The licence must comply with the Open Definition which allows data to be freely used, reused and redistributed. The Open Definition provides a list of conformant licences. If the data uses one of these licences, it is openly licensed.

Licences are commonly found in:

  • the web page footer
  • a link to Terms & Conditions
  • the About section.

Some licences may allow re-use and redistribution but have not been assessed as conformant with the Open Definition. In this case, seek feedback on the Open Data Index discussion forum.