How to link an Organisation to a Group


title: Link an Organisation to a Group?
username: vcharles

(note: username should already exist on


I would like to tie my Organisation and datasets to Groups of my choice with but I don’t know how to do it. I can’t figure out how to join Groups.
Anyone can help?




It looks like groups aren’t enabled for creation by ordinary users, and there are no groups currently. Is there a particular thing you’re trying to accomplish that can’t be addressed using organizations alone?


Hi Dan,

I just saw the new LOD Cloud published at and noticed that they took into account the wrong version of the data set of my organisation Europeana. In their guidelines they mention a lodcloud group which gather all the relevant dataset. I just thought that linking my dataset to that group would increase its visibility. But if groups is something that I can’t used, no worries I will just try to update the description of my dataset.


It could be they were referring instead to the organization:


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