I'm trying out starting a new Labs topic via email

Update: the new topic email address is now: discuss+labs@okfn.org

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Awesome. So what’s the easiest way for people to know what to use for categories other than labs - look at the url?

Unfortunately, the email address has to be set on a category by category basis, so I think for now we’ll roll it out to only a few categories that have specifically requested the feature and make sure the email address “key” (e.g. “labs”, “meta”, etc.) is predictable.

I think the Open Definition crew may be interested in using this.

@herb_lainchbury would the addition of this feature convince you and the crew to move to this forum or would you prefer to keep using the mailing list?

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It would be very useful to be able to reply by email. I would probably go
as far as to say it’s essential.


[Super annoying to have to create yet another account just to reply to this.]

I just double checked all my okfn-labs mail and this thread isn’t in it anywhere, so clearly the email integration isn’t 100% yet.

What problem is this an attempted solution for? Typically, multiple, fragmented communications channels is considered a bad idea (unless you’re doing it for security/obscurity).

Hi @tfmorris, the Labs category hasn’t replaced, nor is it actually
integrated with, the current Labs mailing list, so you wouldn’t see this
thread anywhere else. We’ve just enabled some features to make it easier
for groups who’d rather chat through a forum like discuss.okfn.org to do so
via email.

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