Launch of the new European Data Portal


It seems the European Union has launched a beta of its new European Data Portal in November 2015. Browsing the portal, I tried but failed to find out how is this different from the existing data catalog, beyond having way more datasets (400k+ versus 47k) and having textual blog-like content on the former, which is absent on the latter. also has a link on the top directing users to the new portal. Is the new one supposed to replace the old one, or is it complementary?

Does anyone have more information on that?

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Augusto Herrmann was a prototype we developed at Open Knowledge International
to integrate data from government and community open data portals across
The European Commission liked it so much that they commissioned such a
portal themselves, which is the beta you mentioned (which has not been
developed by us).

At the moment, we are not actively maintaining - so the data
you see there may be outdated.

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Thanks for the explanation, @sandervdwaal!

I think this explanation should be somewhere on either site (or both), so people could know the story behind them. I suggest someone edits the About - PublicData page to include it.

That’s a good suggestion @herrmann, thanks for suggesting that. We’ll
update the website so it’s clearer to visitors.