License approval request: "Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0"

+1 agree that the “Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0” conforms to the Open Definition (v 2.1).

+1 agreed on conformance

+1 from me on Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0 conformance

+1 from me on Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0 conformance

Two weeks for voting have passed.

We received 5 approval votes during the voting period and no votes against, which is sufficient to declare that the Open Government Data License Taiwan 1.0 conforms to the Open Definition (v2.1) and is thus considered open.

We also received several additional votes of approval before voting began, which I acknowledge and recognize as further approval.

We can now update the website and add this license to the approved list of licenses.

Many thanks to those who participated and to @audreyt for her work on this and for submitting the license.

@audreyt, we typically prepare an official note for the license publisher letting them know that the license is approved. I would be happy to do that for you if you would find that helpful. If so, please let me know so I can get some contact information from you.

Thank you,
Herb Lainchbury
Acting Chair, Open Definition Advisory Council

Sure, thanks to all contributors of this process! :gift_heart:

A note would be helpful; it’s fine to simply email me an electronic document.

If you would like to send a physical copy, my contact address is:

Audrey Tang, Digital Minister
Public Digital Innovation Space
#1, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road
Taipei City 10051

@herb_lainchbury - Hooray!
Let me know when can we tweet about it (Assuming after all details will be on the website)

OGDL-TW-1.0 is now listed at Conformant Licenses - Open Definition - Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge

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Just to close the loop on this. I have provided a letter to @audreyt.

@Mor, please feel free to tweet about it (or let me know who I should notify).

I’ll also add a banner notice to this site.

Yes 6.3 is the showstopper for OpenStreetMap.

Is there another reference where we can view a description of the issue you are raising? We did consider 6.3 but found no reason to reject it based on that clause.

Well here are the tail ends of that thread :