Linked Data Project for Seoul City

We, Open Knowledge Korea, would like to make public the result of Linked Data Project for Seoul City as a use-case of CKAT which stands for Connected Knowledege and Tools.

This is one of the representative projects what we’ve done so far, we open the source codes, the proposed system architecture regarding Linked Data, and the ontology model for administrative divisions in South Korea to link locational information. You are available to refer the slides describing the system, development processes and also the source codes.

For now, most of the documents are written in Korean, but we’re trying to translate in English so that you could conveniently access and use them soon.

We’re really keen to get your feedbacks and expecting that this could contribute to the open data world to share data more easily and link them together to achieve the ‘Connected Knowledge’.


Hi @Seonho_Kim,

We also need to share an English version of the slides. The current version is not for useful in other local groups. Can we organise a meeting for handling this?

With thanks,


Of course, agreed.

I expect the task could be tried at the start of next month, and we could have a meeting before then, if needed.

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I look forward to the English version


I appreciate your interest. We’re trying to do the task as soon as we get a chance, hopefully to be finished by this year :smile:

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Hi wesley,

We have prepared for translating this project in English. We will update you when we are ready. Thanks for your interest.

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