Linking trials through phases


Hi - firstly thank you for creating opentrials - looks like a great resource which I look forward to using.

I would like to find a way to link trials through the phases. i.e. if I am interest in a phase 2 trial - I would like to look at the phase 1 trial record as well. Is this a feasible feature? Is there a link between these phase in the documentation of trials somewhere?


Hi Jon

I think one way would be citation tracking/reference checking in available reports but it would be a good suggestion feature to clinical trial registries.


Hi Farhad

Thanks, I was hoping thought that there would be a standard regulatory procedure where prior trials are listed that is public. i.e. if a trial sponsor wants to run a phase 2 or 3 - they would have to submit a document which would contain some sort of review of the prior trials they ran (including NCT Id’s) which would be included in a trial submission type document.


@Jon That’s a very interesting idea. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this data is already available in the registries (my guess is no). If they aren’t, it sounds like an interesting data science challenge, given a list of trials and their phases. We’ll start working on normalizing the study phase data (check if you want to follow the development).

If you (or anyone else) would like to give it a go after #353 is done, open an issue on GitHub and let’s discuss.