Localization - fatal error

looks like there’s a significant bug - when you try switching language to e.g. Czech, then you get an error (see below for details). Is it fixable?




  1. go to Statutární město Brno - Organisations - the Datahub (it works)
  2. scroll down to Language picklist and select “čeština (Česká republika)”
  3. you’ll get redirected to http://datahub.io/cs_CZ/organization/statutarni-mesto-brno and will get the error below. By the way this address used to work properly until recently.

Error 751 /organization/statutarni-mesto-brno


Guru Meditation:

XID: 2209142

Varnish cache server

Thanks for the report @jiriu, seems like a misconfiguration of the varnish cache.
We’ll have a look at it and let you know.

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