[May 13-15] Sustainable development hackathons

On behalf of ecovillages, a Swiss non-profit for sustainable development and member of Opendata.ch, I would like invite the community to join us this weekend in Diablerets - both a huge ice-covered mountain at the border of the cantons of Vaud and Valais, and the site of a hackathon on Saturday & Sunday (there is also a related event in Sierre on Friday).

I’ll be there to support open data interest as well as to promote some of our community projects. You’ll find some complementary information here in English and ici en Français.

We have a thread on our local forum with some project ideas:

The event will also be a chance to connect to open data / source / hardware activists in French-speaking Switzerland, and even get some funding and promotion for your projects. With just a month to go until the Opendata.ch conference in Lausanne, let’s get a head start in making eco-sense of open data now.