[April 8-9, 2016] Open Energy Data Hackdays


On April 8 & 9, Opendata.ch will host the Swiss Open Energy Data Hackdays, in collaboration with the IDS Datenwelten of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
This is again a two-days event, taking place in French- and German-speaking Switzerland simultaneously. This time we’ll go to where the energy comes from: Innertkirchen (Grimseltor) and Mont-Crosin. To join in, get a ticket and find more background on our blogs:
(fr) http://fr.opendata.ch/2016/02/07/open-energy-data-hackdays/
(de) http://opendata.ch/2016/02/8-9-april-2016-swiss-open-energy-data-hackdays/

With the event just two weeks away, we are starting to get really busy with the final prep, and people are having pre-hackathon meetups to brainstorm some ideas. There’s a blog post about a recent meetup with folks in the UK involved in open energy data, giving some background on the energy data group in Switzerland.

We still have a few free places / beds for the upcoming hackathon and really hope you can join us at one of the two striking alpine locations in person. Nevertheless, if you can’t travel, we also have virtual (free) tickets available now at Eventbrite. Registering will get you info-mails from the org team in the run up to the event.

Labs Hangout April 2016

Our hackdays are starting in a few hours. It’s great to have at least one member (Knut) from @OKFDE participating, and we welcome virtual participants - keen to build on your experience/ideas/data.