Moving some of the data content to Organization



Deak OKFN,

International Food Policy Research Institute has an account as an organization in datahub. We would like to bring some of the data that are currently present under " Economic Datasets" to our umbrella. They actually belong to IFPRI. We don’t understand why they are currently being showed under other organization.
Looking forward to your help


flagging this to @danfowler and @pwalsh


@ifpri Thanks for reaching out! I’m not sure why, but it looks like at some point three years ago, many datasets were automatically moved under the “Economics Datasets” org. I can help you move them back. Can I assume that the datasets you want moved all share the same email address? Datahub is suggesting that there are 73 such datasets.

Thanks @Mor


@Mor Thank you so much. Yes you can move all the data with to IFPRI. Thank you so much. When can I expect this to be done.


@ifpri this is done now



@danfowler Thank you so much. This is very helpful.