New Organization Request: RANEPA


title: RANEPA
username: nike32

Hello! I’ve tried to create organization with ‘RANEPA’ title but got ‘This name is already in use’ message. Though I still can’t find ‘RANEPA’ on Maybe this is connected with my previous trial to register. I wanted to register with nickname ‘shorstko’ with ‘RANEPA’ organization but misspelled my email address - instead of

Please if it possible set title to ‘RANEPA’ and skip my previous trial so I could change my nickname from nike32 to shorstko.

Thank you!


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Hi Elena,

To create an account on, please send a request on the DataHub Gitter chat.

In the meantime,

Your organization ‘RANEPA’ is now created .

After logging in with your user (see email invite), you can add new datasets here:

And edit the slug and other details here: