OK Scotland "Group" is a bit empty

@ewan_klein the OK Scotland “group” in the form of people assigned the OK Scotland badge seems a bit empty :wink:


I would at least imagine @Graham_Steel would be in there :smile:

Are there other OK Scotland folks who are not yet here on the forum – or who have not yet been given the badge?

The badges are really useful as it allows someone like me to see who is involved in a given group and who i can contact without pinging the group coordinator :smile:

I responded elsewhere, but a badge please. That would be nice.

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What’s the badge for? I’m in Scotland and feel I have a nice little Open Data success story going with https://opentechcalendar.co.uk/ :slight_smile:

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Done! Try collect them all.

How are badges awarded to existing forum members? The interface doesn’t make it transparent, and I ran out of time after skimming a copious thread from last year on how this might work (or not work in many cases).

I though @nealbastek and/or @danfowler were looking to automate the process but as @Graham_Steel asked, I added the badge manually with my Moderator powers. Happy to do others if needed.

@Stephen @ewan_klein hi, we do have a good method now, but it probably needs to be spelled out a bit better.

Essentially, for Scotland, the group coordinator will visit this page and add their members.


Within a day, Discourse should automatically give all members of that group the appropriate badge.

Thanks @danfowler. I didn’t know that. Saves me going to the Admin pages which is always a bit scary.

Thanks! That’s really helpful.

I’ve just added a few more group members to the Scotland group today, so we’ll be able to verify whether this process actually works.

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