Open Data Census 2.0

Hi Jury,
great ideas and I’ve had similar thoughts. Given the screen width limitation and my desire to assess more datasets and measure their quality, I’m taking this following path in Australia:

  1. I established Australia’s Regional Open Data Index.
  2. This was rapidly followed by others creating Australia’s Local Open Data Index.
  3. I’m working with the Open Data Institute Queensland to bring Open Data Certificates to Australia.
  4. I would love to bring the Open Data Monitor to Oceania. There’s always room for another Australia vs New Zealand competition (NZ has just joined in with GovHack)

Open Data Certificates presents the opportunity to scan open data portals (e.g. CKAN) and assess every dataset against a broader set of criteria. There is also a manual online survey that can be completed if you don’t have a portal or use one that can’t be scanned yet.

I’m keenly watching #IODC15 to see what roadmap emerges to help improve the quality of open data. If the supply-side of open data is poor, there will be limited demand and hence little value created.