Open Data Day 2019 mini-grant scheme: deadline 3 February, midnight (CST)

Dear all,

Great news: we have again mini-grants available (small funds of between $200-$300) for groups to organize Open Data Day 2019 events. This year, we have the support of Hivos, Mapbox, Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom for the following four tracks:

  • Follow public money flows track, particularly focusing on Open Contracting
  • Open mapping track where we want to learn about the power of maps to develop better communities
  • For the Open Science track, you can cover anything from open research data, to open access and how that fits in making science more relatable and useful for people;
  • Last but not least there is the Equal Development track, this topic can cover anything from SDG’s to using data at a very local level to give our community more agency on how it evolves.

Event organisers can only apply once and for just one category, so choose well.
The application form will be open from today until February 3 at midnight (CST) - you can read more about the process on our blog: Announcing the Open Data Day 2019 mini-grant scheme – Open Knowledge Foundation blog

Good luck and let us know here if you have any questions!

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Hi @liekeploeger!

Thanks for this update. We applied for the mini-grant (Open Science) track yesterday, as we’ll be working with data collected by ~100 sea-level rise sensors by researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology’s Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation initiative.

Anyshoe… as we’re planning the event, it would be helpful to have a rough-ish idea of when you all think we might have word back on the mini-grant funding. That way we’ll know approximately when we can finalize our full budget.

No worries if that’s still unknown! Just curious.


Hi @carlvlewis, great to read that you applied!
We expect to share news on the outcomes of the minigrant process on the 18th of February - hope that helps for your planning.

Best, Lieke