Open Data DK license

On a few hundred records in some university repository from Denmark I found that the so called Open Data DK license was used.

Version 1.0 was made in 2016 and as far as I can see it was never submitted for inclusion in the list of open licenses. The stated aim is to produce a “simple” license similar to CC-0 or CC-BY (conflating the two already gives a hint of the level of confusion):

kan sammenlignes med Creative Commons-licenserne CC0 og CC-BY.

There are a few clauses: non-endorsement, no warranty, attribution to “Open Data DK”, respect of Danish law. Someone familiar with Danish and Danish law should review it, but what does it even mean to respect Danish law? Which laws? Where?

Most importantly, the license doesn’t clearly state what kind of rights it covers. The only mention is:

immaterielle rettigheder

and then the uses possible:

giver en verdensomspændende, gratis, ikke-eksklusiv, og i øvrigt ubegrænset brugsret til data, som
frit bl.a. kan: kopieres, distribueres og offentliggøres, ændres og sammensættes med andet materiale bruges kommercielt og ikke-kommercielt,

Does it cover copyright? database rights? image rights? personality rights? trademarks? patents? Nothing is stated.

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