Open Definition Advisory Council Meeting - 2015-12-10

Our next meeting is next Thursday the 10th of December 2015 at 15:00 UTC.

0700 San Francisco
1000 New York
1500 London
1600 Berlin

Other time zones:

We will be discussing:

  • Authentication and Openness (and Open APIs)
  • license review process logistics
  • KOGL
  • plan for 2016
  • other?

Please edit agenda and notes at: Open Definition AC Meetings - Google Docs

Notes from previous call can be found here.

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note: the original for this note has been edited. local times have been corrected.

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Notes: Notes from Open Definition Call December 2015 - Open Definition - Defining Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Knowledge

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@mlinksva @herb @Luis @wolftune and @rufuspollock Thank you for discussing Open APIs at the meeting and pointing to the post in this forum discussing it.

There are related Open Data Index scoring questions from @nilleren here and @martinsz here and @Mor suggested reviewing the Census scoring methodology for the 2016 Census.

I was wondering if the methodology needs review or if it would be better to clarify the Open Definition as suggested.

I note that the plan for 2016 did not appear to include this work.

How should this work be progressed in time for the next Open Data Census?

I don’t think the Open Definition has anything to say about login requirements as a matter of access. Obviously a license that required a login to access would make the terms material were offered under non-open. But as a matter of access, the OD doesn’t even require open material to be online or gratis. I guess @rufuspollock feels differently but I don’t understand. I suppose this means the OD ought be clarified.

No idea when that might happen, this is a very slow moving project, which I think is appropriate. Nothing wrong with the census scoring taking OD compliance as necessary but not sufficient for the best score. Compliant doesn’t mean following-best-practices, and presumably the census wants to differentiate among providers doing the minimum and following all the best practices.

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Hi all!

I am looping in @dannylammerhirt to this discussion, Danny is leading the Global Open Data Index research, and would love to hear from you. He already started to consult the group about the Index methodology.

(an intro post about Danny work in the Index forum will be done shortly)

@Stephen - feel free to ping Danny about this matter, he would love your input.