Open Definition Advisory Council meeting reminder - Thurs December 10, 2015


Hello All,

This is a reminder that our next telecon is just under two weeks from now on Thursday December 10, 2015 at 15:00 UTC.

I will send a more detailed reminder shortly.

Please feel free to reply with any agenda items.

Thank you,


Hello @herb_lainchbury, although I can’t attend the meeting, I would like the Council to consider a point made by Leigh Dodds in his blog post about How can open data publishers monitor usage?.

The question is, if open data can only be accessed via a login or API key, is it still open?

Leigh suggests…

I’ll note from the start that the open definition doesn’t have anything to say about whether a login is permitted or not permitted.

… and then discusses the reasons why knowing who is using the data is valuable to publishers and why data re-users may prefer not to identify themselves.

May I suggest that this topic be considered for inclusion in the next version of the Open Definition?

Whoops! :sweat_smile:

Sorry @ldodds - forgot you where already on the forum.


Thanks @Stephen,

I will add that to the agenda. I’ve been meaning to re-introduce the topic of Open APIs as well so it will be good to get that going.


I suspect it makes sense for a new chair to take up approval process for KOGL in 2016, though I don’t object to trying to do it this year if you want. Possible brief or main agenda item.


@mlinksva, Thank you for mentioning the issue regarding KOGL!


Are there any other licenses that anyone is aware of that we should be looking at? At a minimum I would like to have a list ready to go for the incoming chair.


Is that in this group we can discuss the compatibility of licenses?

Our activists (Montréal, CA) are questioning about the compatibility of the license OSM (OBdL) and CC-BY 4.0. Would you have some answers?

We have this compatibility issue forever. Solutions, even preliminary, would foster the reuse of data.


I don’t think this topic about the meeting reminder makes sense, but yes, the Open Definition is a potential place to discuss license compatibility