OpenCantieri: CKAN Powered Transport Dashboard in Italy

The project is live at: and pulls data from the CKAN portal at Dataset - Open Data - Ministero delle infrastrutture e dei trasporti


From the write-up at Sciamlab

After 4 months of hard work to integrate several heterogeneous data sources and to produce opendata related to the Italian transport infrastructures, finally last 15th of February the Italian portal Opencantieri v2.0 has gone live (announced in a press conference by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports Graziano Delrio).

Through the portal all Citizens can now monitor the work progress of roads, railways and subways through dashboards and localized maps and by accessing different indicators and economic parameters.

The same data are the primary source of knowledge and are shared for maximum transparency.
To achieve this, the Opencantieri dashboards read the data using the (CKAN) native APIs available in the MIT open data portal ( (such API are commonly available in OpenData portals like CKAN or Socrata), no elaboration in the middle, from farm to fork!

The data are live and any data update is reflected in real time on Opencantieri dashboards. There are no infrastructures or intermediate processes.

Any error in the data is immediately visible and requires an immediate reaction to be handled. Who produces the data is inevitably responsible of its correctness and pressed to solve issues, in a virtuous cycle that feeds on itself.