Our process of finding and evaluating key datasets

I agree that this is a good way forward. I have another question that I would like the forum to comment on: Let’s assume we weight single data content against one another in our scoring. For example we only find company names in a registry. Assuming this data is fully open. How would you propose to weight this?

If we assess three data elements (company name, address and unique identifiers) - should we just score all of them to 33%? So if we one element only as open data it would be 33% open?

The reason I’m asking is, that we need to justify what criteria this scoring is based on. I encourage you to read our process of defining key datasets.

Here I explain that a major problem of key datasets is to find a reasonable way to assign importance. What data matters more than others? How would we measure this?

Please do share your ideas with us!

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