The 2016 Global Open Data Index is live!



Hello everyone, this post is to announce everyone that the Global Open Data Index is finally live! It’s been a long path and we want to thank everyone who has contributed, whether submitting or commenting here in the forum, helping us understand the specific contexts that each of the places we assessed has.

You can find the Index here.

Additional to this, we have written a number of reads for you to go deeper into what the Index tells us about the state of Open Data around the world.

You can see a short explanation of the places selection here.

If you feel like it, you can go through our How to read the GODI results doc. Which explains the approach we have taken since the methodology has changed and we are developing a more strategic approach to how we build the Index.

Remember we will be open for comments and discussions about the results right here. So whether you’re a government agency or a civil society person, you can come here and develop even further on the findings of the Index.

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Congratulations on the launch of the new index!

Is it possible to read the original submissions?
I submitted about Elections results for Norway, and couldn’t find my original submission, only a digested version in the reviewers notes:
Also - somewhere along the way, I also became an anonymous submitter, which was never my intention.


Hi @livarb,

this is a good point you raise. I’ll check the possibilities we have to show you the original submissions, and will get back very shortly.

All the best


@livarb, you can find my answer in this topic: How to see original submissions of GODI 2016