Our process of finding and evaluating key datasets

About law (National Laws) and draftlegislation (Draft Legislation): an important criteria is official format. In some countries like Brazil, a lot of contents in law and draftlegislation was “converted” to structured HTML, but the convertions are unreliable and all reamains as unofficial, without value of evidence. The official remains only in PDF.

Another big problem is the evidence preservation in reliable digital preservation repositories: the traditional official gazettes are losting traditional (reliable) paper evidence, because now exist only in digital media, and third world nations are not prepared to ensure its digital production. In Brasil we are losting evidence-verifiability with this “digital transiction”, there are no backups, no standard cryptographic checksums, etc.

Summarizing: law and draftlegislation are key datasets, but without better evaluating process we mix informal and formal datasets.

PS: informal in this context is something like “open to caos and corruption”.